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Hidden Treasures Foundation is dedicated to the rescue and restoration of women and children victimized by sex slavery in the human trafficking industry. Our goal is to provide housing, life planning, and mentoring for these victims, ensuring they have a safe and viable escape from being trafficked.

We believe that every person exploited by modern day slavery is a hidden treasure; hidden from the world and from herself. We understand that traumatic relationships and experiences have brought her to this victimization, therefore our fundamental purpose is to provide a safe environment with healthy, life supporting relationships that give her what she needs to thrive.

Hidden Treasures Foundation offers the opportunity for each victim to discover her pricelessness in personal and community relationships based on Godly principles. Understanding her true worth will promote development of hope and strength, enabling her to pursue a promising future.

Progressing through Hidden Treasures Foundation’s structured care, the survivor has the opportunity to develop skills necessary for independent living while expressing her unique freedom and empowerment.

Her Journey


She is forced to make $1,000 a night by her trafficker and each day he takes all of it. After years of repeated sexual slavery, she is emotionally beaten down and knows no viable way to sustain herself apart from “the life”. Without outside intervention, she is trapped. Hidden Treasures Foundation reaches out to victims where they are being exploited by their trafficker and offer rescue; an opportunity to escape and start a new life. Other victims are referred by law enforcement and some by family members.


Fresh out of “the life,” she begins the work of restoring what was taken; her experiences and development from childhood to youth. Her trafficker had used violence and psychological abuse to attack her identity and independence, thus breaking down her will. Getting into her head, using the details of her trauma, he shapes and distorts her self-image. Trapped, she lives out her defined role as victim, in particular, his victim. The Restore phase promotes healing for her damaged foundation.


As the unique direction of her new life develops, the survivor moves through the third phase of transformation: Renew. She’s given the opportunity to explore hobbies and establish new personal and interpersonal skills. Moving toward a promising future, she advances in her education, chooses a career choice, and carves her place in a community. As her sense of purpose and worth continue to grow, her identity clearly emerges and she begins to live life with a new sense of freedom and empowerment.


Depending on her unique childhood experiences and trauma complexity, it may take a survivor 2-7 years to reach the Release Phase. At this point, she no longer acts like a victim, not even a survivor, but lives as an overcomer. Due to the process of healing her pain and brokenness, great fortitude is developed and her life story becomes a strength. She is confident, makes wise choices, and has become self-sufficient. Although she will always be connected to us, she is fully competent to successfully live independently and pursue the life she desires.


“With stiff shoulders and a stinging neck, Tiffany lifted her head from the hotel bed and tried to make out the faces of the men were who were sitting near.

“Where am I?” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. The two men laughed at her. She looked down. She had no clothes on. She pulled herself out of the bed and stumbled to the bathroom…”

Click here for more of Tiffany’s testimony.


Ladies Fight Night

Ladies Fight Night (January 27th) by Hearts for San Diego, invites women and girls (12+ years) to come together for an empowering evening to learn self-defense tactics in a friendly, fun environment. Mix, mingle, eat, drink, shop, and win prizes to support the Hidden Treasures Foundation, a local nonprofit that rescues and restores victims of human sex trafficking.

Registration includes a swag bag of goodies (for the first 40 to sign up), a free raffle ticket and complimentary food and drink. Please share with all the lovely ladies in your life! Early bird discount pricing ends Saturday, Jan 20th. Visit the event website for more information, or join the Facebook event and invite some friends!

Get Involved

There are several areas where you can join us in bringing freedom to victims. Your unique skills and life experiences can be a powerful force to reach these victims, meet their needs or to shape a recovery program effective for healing their unique trauma. Please note, most volunteer positions require a minimum one year commitment.

Due to the nature of human trafficking and working with survivors we ask that all volunteers attend our Volunteer Orientation prior to serving with us. To inquire about our next orientation or for any other questions please email us here.

Volunteer Positions


We partner with the human trafficking ministry at the Rock Church in Point Loma for outreach purposes. Their outreaches are designed for educational, preventative, supportive and rescue purposes. They strive to have both men and women on each of their teams and require attendance at one of their Volunteer Orientations prior to becoming involved. Please email them here for further details.

Organizational Needs

  • Photography and Videography
  • Social Media
  • Event Coordinator and Event Teams
  • Grant Writing


Fundraising is the “life blood” of our organization. Several times a year we plan events and need creative, energetic volunteers for our fundraising team. Contact us here to be put on our Fundraise Volunteer list.


We give an advocacy training for those interested in coming alongside our survivors and providing support. Our next advocacy class has not been scheduled but to be put on our reminder list please email us here.

Time and Talent

You have heard that it takes a whole community to raise a child. Donations of your time and talent are critical to providing holistic care for our survivors. Below are examples of professional skills needed:

  • Medical, Dental and Optical Care
  • Life Skills Training
  • Recovery Classes
  • Tutoring
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Legal Counsel


Lynn Burgard – Executive Director

Ms. Burgard is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a retired Airline Mechanic. She has a heart for human trafficked victims due to her own childhood sexual abuse and eventual healing. Lynn is grateful that God, in His infinite mercy and grace, has taken her own painful trauma and is now using it to enable her to reach out to other wounded women and girls. Lynn founded Hidden Treasures Foundation in 2009.

Kim Williams – Survivor Specialist

Ms. Williams had nine years of extensive work with juvenile victims of human trafficking at Jahi Turner Foundation prior to joining Hidden Treasures Foundation in 2009. She brings a wealth of knowledge and deep compassion for human trafficked survivors.

Tiffany Mester – Media Relations

Ms. Mester was trafficked herself for two years as a teenager, thus bringing the great assets of personal knowledge and experience to Hidden Treasures Foundation. She has an intimate understanding of the victimization these girls experience and uses her own life story to educate and build public awareness. Contact Tiffany to schedule a speaking engagement.


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